P3. When they say it’s all fine, reach for the long spoon!

We have all seen immense amounts of punditry on Brexit, Trump election etc. The truth must be that since neither of these projects have anything approaching a coherent plan, even some of the very well educated guesses doing the rounds will be miles off target. In this context it is easy for supporters of recent events to claim that because the world has not immediately collapsed everything is just fine. We hear this line from the Leave camp after Brexit and expect loads more of it from Trumpland in the coming weeks. The problem of course is politicians willfully choosing to ┬áconfuse short and medium or long term impacts. The UK economy will it seems be hindered by Brexit, just because it’s not obvious yet, this does not mean that corporate spending will not move towards one of the main worldwide markets where trade agreements are already in place. Similarly if Trump and his cohorts adhere to their campaign promises there is likely to be a debt fuelled boom as borrowing heads to over 100% of GDP. The bill of course will come further down the road and may threaten us all.

Depressingly, outright lies are becoming a regular part of political campaigning and we all know that once you become a liar it’s easiest to keep right on lying!


Fellow Traveller

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